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Home Cleaning Franchise Success Factors

by April Scarlett on June 12, 2012
Home Cleaning Franchise Success Factors

Ours is a simple business built on relationships. We’ve spent 25 years building a reputation for quality, professional cleaning services. Take ownership in an established home cleaning service franchise—one that recognizes your ability to grow an already booming business. You won’t clean. You’ll manage. And you’ll realize your potential for success in this resilient industry. Simplicity is just one of many reasons why Molly Maid is a rewarding house cleaning franchise opportunity. Here are just five more.

Our Five Success Factors

1. 1. A highly reputable and established BRAND

Molly Maid is an established nationally-recognized brand with a reputation for quality maid services our customers trust. For more than 25 years our maid service franchises have worked together to make our company an industry leader. Half the battle of winning customers is won by being known as one of the nation’s most trusted and well-known house cleaning services.

2. A booming and resilient BUSINESS

Repeat customers make our cleaning service franchises resilient. These hardworking single professionals, busy couples and active seniors trust Molly Maid to make their lives more manageable. To many of our customers house cleaning is essential – creating a repeat customer with regular schedules and predictable income.

3. The recognition and BENEFITS of ownership

Decades of consistent, high quality performance have made Molly Maid a household name in residential cleaning. We think it’s only right to recognize our cleaning franchise partners for their leadership, commitment and performance. Receive the recognition you deserve for your hard work with incentive-based merit rewards, plaques of recognition, and even a weekly email reminder of thanks for embodying the values that have made Molly Maid a household name throughout homes nationwide.

4. The BASICS of a successful relationship

By investing in one another we create a supportive alliance. Open lines of communication and territories sized to fit your situation are the just the start of our relationship and your future success. Combine your talents with our proven tools for success to create the cleaning franchise opportunity that fits your needs and your goals.

5. The rewarding work/life BALANCE

A balanced lifestyle rewards you with time to enjoy what you’ve earned. High income potentials without sacrificing family time or favorite activities make Molly Maid a truly rewarding cleaning franchise opportunity. The simplicity of ownership—no inventory, limited equipment and no expensive build out—are icing on the cake. Become a part of a lucrative business that gives back to its employees and its community.