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What Services Does a Restoration Franchise Offer?

by April Scarlett on June 25, 2015

If you have made the decision to select a franchise as the way to start and grow your business, you understand the advantages of this business model. While you maintain the freedom to be your own boss, you also get the support and guidance of an experienced franchisor, among other benefits.

Finding the Right Fit

However, you will also find there are a wide range of opportunities within the franchise market. This allows you to select a business that fits your own skills and interests, and you can also determine the amount of money you want to invest and earn.

You might ask yourself:

• Do I want to perform a service or sell a product?

• Do I want to work indoors at the same place every day or deal with a varied number of customers and locations?

• Do I want to spend more time selling or responding to calls from potential customers?

When answering these questions, many people buying franchises decide to choose service-related opportunities, because service-related franchises provide the ability to grow at the rate you desire and deal with a variety of customers. If you want to start by working out of your home and eventually growing into a separate office and location, you might consider a cleaning or restoration franchise.

With these types of businesses, you can usually start with a dedicated van that contains all your needed equipment and supplies. This makes it easy to keep overhead expenses down while you learn the business and build a profitable base of clients. Likewise, a restoration franchise is the type of business that can be expanded in other areas, allowing you to grow your business as large as you desire.

Helping People Put Their Lives Back Together

One of the most attractive aspects of a restoration franchise is the role you play in helping people recover from catastrophic incidents in their lives. Whether from fires, floods or other accidents, your work involves making homes and offices habitable once again.

For example, water damage is common problem from fires, storms, and plumbing failures. Such situations create problems with wet:

• Furniture

• Carpets and drapes

• Clothing

• Walls and ceilings

Properly treating these issues of moisture is essential to salvage many of these items, and to prevent major problems with mold and mildew. Professional treatment involves specialized chemicals, processes and equipment the average person can’t access. Fortunately, most insurance policies provide coverage for these expenses, and make your services affordable to the property owner.

Different Business Models

Because of its nature, the restoration franchise opportunity presents several different approaches. One popular approach is the emergency services market segment. If you go this route, you will be on call 24/7 to provide immediate help when storms, fires or other property damage occurs.

You might enjoy the excitement of being a form of first responder to help bring calm to a chaotic situation for a property owner. You might be helping drain water from a storm or fire, doing temporary repairs, and even removing damaged items from the property.

In another model, you may be called upon to carry out a more controlled restoration after the original damage. The services could start with smoke and moisture mitigation and range all the way to actual reconstruction and restoration services. This often involves working closely with insurance adjusters, property owners, and even other subcontractors to complete the entire project.

If you are interested in helping people, dealing with a variety of assignments, and having virtually unlimited growth potential, you may find a restoration franchise a perfect match for your goals and aspirations.